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More *stuff*.

I like my alarm clock. Aside from having TWO different alarms that you can set (a feature I've always wanted), you can change the snooze time to whatever you want.
It has a NAP function (want a two-hour nap? Hit the NAP button and it will wake you up two hours from now. Settable time.).
It tries to wake you up gently at first, then a louder more aggrivating sound until you wake up.
But the hands-down winner:
This morning I woke up to beeping at 6:50 in the morning. I couldn't figure out what the hell it was until I realized that it was my alarm clock... which was not even plugged in!

Interview today. Didn't go well, but not due to me. The manager was very aggressive, and almost immediately put me on edge. One of the first things he said was "Did Glen tell you what happened to the last guy? I fired him after a week!". I got the distinct impression that I would have to prove myself to him, and that the pressures would be unrealistic. It may have simply been an interview tactic, but even if it is, I have no desire to subject myself to that kind of abuse. There are many other kinds of abuse that I like a lot more.

I did call to set up a final interview with Bose/Enduratech tomorrow. Tomorrow morning. 9:30. And oh, yes, it's short notice, but they'd like me to do a 20-minute presentation on any subject that I choose for the very first thing.


So tonight is spent doing some prep work. I can do 20 minutes standing on my head, but it's usually something that I have a lot of time to understand, and presented to a group of people that I've worked with for at least a little while. Gosh, if only I had had some kind of improv or theater training...

Took Sadie for a walk this afternoon. My back is in some serious bad shape. She was happy to get out, but I was in pain and had to stop several times to try and stretch and unkink. Unfortunately, it may not be muscles.

Prison Release party may not be at the Big Broken Box™ after all. It's seriously overwhelming. I'm going to try and move the venue to a hotel with a hot tub.

Enough for now. Back to work (or work-like substitute).

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