Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Well, I got a new lawnmower. It looks to be a decent model, nothing special but it has a 5hp Tecumseh engine, which rocks. Not a bad price either, I was expecting a lot more.
I also got a new wheelbarrow. And after I got back home, I found the old one tucked away behind some stuff in the yard. So now I have two wheelbarrows.

Excavated the stepladder from the guest cabin. Tonight I'll add a light fixture to the breezeway and change the bulbs in the Room Where No One Walks so that I can actually see again.

Incidentally, the RWNOW is where I am temporarily set up with the computer. It will be needing a new name after it becomes the room that it will become. It's still in transition, and I'm not sure what shape it will eventually take.

I'm thinking of taking the dining room table down and using the room for a staging area. I'm certainly not dining in it anymore-- I think the last time it had that use was three years ago. Taking it apart and clearing that space would allow me to at least get this room emptied so I could make it useable and perhaps start unpacking from Iowa.

It's progress, but it's slow.

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