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Pooped out. Feelin' the smackdown, so I'm gonna go lie in bed and watch The Punisher on DVD as punishment for my lazy-ass self not getting enough done.

I was gonna go try and catch the movie with lucyruthe and company, but I'm seriously too wiped out. I have the feeling that the pet allergens in the house are kicking my ass, even with the Claritin-D.

I did a modicum of vaccuuming today to help get rid of that very problem, and I have the air cleaner running full-bore to try and make a dent in the breathability. It does seem to help a bit.

Having some problems with getting a hotel for the Prison Release party. I may end up doing something like two different parties at different times. Or hold off the big party until the Big Broken Box™ is a lot less broken and make it a house-rewarming party.

Or maybe I go back to the idea of renting a hot tub and having it at the house, but primarily outdoors. Ah, crap, it would have to have some indoor-ness to it anyway, particularly later at night.

Where is a personal assistant when you need one?

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