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Made a voyage out to 'Nards and got 16 more plastic bins, along with a 1000-foot spool of Cat 5e ethernet cable and 10 more 20-amp breakers for the new load center. It was really more about getting out of the house than anything, but I needed the bins just to get stuff dealt with. I mean really, when you're packing stuff into boxes, it makes sense to only put in as much stuff as the box will hold. If it's overflowing the box, you're just gonna have to deal with it again.

To be fair, not all of the stuff is Barb's. Some of it is mine from moving back (like the futon mattress), and some of it is left over from Rick (a foam bed cushion, I think), but the majority of it is fabric and partially-completed sewing projects and assorted sewing parephernalia. Just in this room. I've already emptied out eight 23-gallon bins worth of stuff, plus a couple of boxes. I want to get it at least to the point where I can put the bed and bed frame down so it can be used, and I'd really like to get it cleared out so I can move my Iowa stuff into that room and set up my bedroom as useable space. That way I can unpack and sort at a bit more leisurely pace.

If I seem cranky and preoccupied, well it's probably because I am.

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