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Sublime Ridiculous

Unknowing of the why, but today I am filled with something approaching dread.

Okay, it is probably fatigue-induced, after not getting any sleep last night, save a couple hours of bizarre dream-filled buffoonery, and doing a full day of high-pressure production.

To give you an idea of the speed at which we shot today, there were several times where the camera never got shut off-- we did a series of one-take scenes right after the other, like scene 1, zoom in, scene 2, zoom out, scene 3. It's an insane pace, which is not forgiving of mistakes.

And now that it's over, real life creeps back in. I have to spend several days working on the house (on the ladder, ick), and maybe some in the rain. Not a big happy there.

Unmarked helicoptes and men in black. These are the themes of my dreams.

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