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house progress

First of all, huge thanks to saveau who came over and muscled many hundreds of pounds of bricks into submission. The yard has been transformed from the Yard of Doom into the Yard of Doom That Looks Like It's Being Worked On. But seriously between that and the moving of the plastic bins of stuff into the basement, it was a major accomplishment.

I have also managed to even out my sunburn.

I spent most of the day shoveling mulch from one pile into another. And as little as that seems, I ended up falling into a sound sleep at around 8:00, from which I was awakened by cranky pets reminding me that I hadn't fed them. This oversight has now been rectified, and even though I'm still being scolded by Micha who will forgive me if I pet him enough, everybody is content.

(Side note: I just put Micha down, and he is now playing with the dog. They are such attention pigs!)

Depending on the weather tomorrow, I may work in the yard again. Seeing as it rained pretty heavy last night, it may be too muddy. Otherwise, I'll continue with the inside of the house and the moving stuff into the basement.

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