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In a rare show of optimism, I decided that since the sun was starting to come out this afternoon, I would head to Menards for materials to build a rear deck.

The breezeway used to have a sort-of deck hanging off of it that had been put together sometime in the 1970's by best guess. And not by the best of craftsmen, either. I had personally gone through the flooring twice, and it was time that it be replaced.
Over last summer, Bryan tore it down, and just left the ugly steps by the back door to use in the interim. Well, the steps have been getting looser and looser, and bits have been breaking off, and I figure it is time to replace it before someone seriously hurts themselves.
Total materials cost is less than $200. Part of that is because I'm recycling some old posts that were a part of the over-the-garage deck. Parts of them are rotten, but there is still enough good wood left to make dandy posts & beams. The deck itself is just under 6 x 9 feet, which isn't exactly huge, but it's big enough to put the new grill on.
Oh, yeah, new grill. Menard's was having a sale, and the old grill is pretty much destined for the recycle bin (I got it used about 5-6 years ago, and have replaced the burners twice and the entire gas line assembly once). The new grill gives me a happy feeling in my pants. It has porcealin grilles for cooking, and a side burner for things like beans.

While I was out in the lumberyard picking lumber, it rained. Enough that I got drenched. So figuring I couldn't get any wetter, I just continued to pick lumber. And just as I finished, it stopped.

On a good note, it means I have enough lumber to build the deck. And I am merely wet.

Tomorrow, me Mum is coming down for a visit. She is in town for her work and has a few extra minutes. I'm hoping it's rain-free enough that I can work in the yard and get the dingo out and till & level the entire backyard in one swell foop. I noticed that Menards has seed mats now, so instead of sod, you roll out a mat on the fresh dirt and water it. Instant grass, and a buttload cheaper than sod.

I will have a nice backyard, dammit.

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