Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Enthusiastically stolen from Trees.

1) Fan Conventions: Fan-girl costumes. Plus, she learns some interesting stuff at that belly dancing clinic every year. Muscle control...hello?

2) If you want to name the new kitten “Schrödinger”, she will understand…or possibly even think of it first.

3) You get 50/50 time in the bathroom…and you don’t have to navigate piles and piles of froofy hair and cosmetics stuff on the vanity.

4) No “chick flix”.

5) No crying at “chick flix”.

6) She can defend her own honor. Most likely better than you can…and that’s just HOT.

7) “You want to spend $2,000 building the biggest, fastest, most powerful gaming computer possible? Are you sure that’s enough? Why don’t we build two, and a server, and network them?”

8) You don’t have to ask permission to hang out with your buddies. Most likely, they are her buddies too.

9) Think of the possibilities of two fantastic libraries meshed together.

10) Ditto collectibles.

11) Ditto DVD collections.

12) Ditto artwork.

13) Ditto wardrobes (Twice the number of black tee-shirts with obnoxious sayings on them! Woo Hoo!)

14) No need to explain the little tee-shirt you bought for the baby at HOT TOPIC sporting a picture of Darth Vader and the words “Who’s your daddy?”

15) “Quality Relationship Time” = Attending a Multi-User Gaming party, complete with junk food, and followed by snuggling at home in front of a movie with lots of cool special effects in it.

16) SCA events: your chick fighting another chick with swords. Dude, that’s just HOT.

17) Renfest: Bodice-wearing, sword-wielding girlfriend. Chain-mail bikinis. Turkey drumsticks. Who knew she could juggle? How is this not the best day ever?

18) “Yes, honey I believe that Mt. Dew IS its own food group; Lessee…Mt. Dew, Gummi Bears, Ding Dongs and Doritos…yep, that’s all four.”

19) You’ll never hear the words “I think I broke a nail” or “We need to change our color scheme”, voiced as anything other than a joke.

20) Opening of the latest sci-fi blockbuster AND your anniversary? No problem.

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