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Enough with the rain already.

Verily, I have kicked some ass. I got the Room Where No One Walks entirely de-Barb'd, and the Iowa Bed down and dressed. Unfortunately it takes up the significant part of the room, but it is a major accomplishment, and once I vaccuum I can start moving in the sweetly-packed detritus of my life in the Gulag.

I also took down the canopy that was in the back. I had wanted to take it down before winter because it was assembled incorrectly and was causing stress on a couple of the connectors; alas it is too late, and I will now have to attempt to weld one or two of them back into shape. I also want to find a more sturdy way of mounting the whole thing to the ground; it currently will shift in a high wind and "walk" away from the house.

I also picked up the lumber and stuff for the back deck, and finally unloaded it from the trailer (made a PITA because every time I start to, it rains). And I need to get the trailer unloaded so I can unhitch it from the 'Sploder because I needed to get more life-giving fluid (diet Coke with Lime) and some fruits and veggies which I have been sorely lacking. And CHERRIES ARE IN! yay!

I'm also quite horny for no particular reason that I can fathom. It's been so long since I've given any thought to anything of a sexual nature that I suppose it was inevitable, but still it is surprising. Not that I will do anything about it, it's just an observation. Maybe it's that I have all of this lovely horizontal bedspace now. :)

I'm a-go eat dinner, and watch some Family Guy.

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