Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

In an abrupt change of luck, it didn't rain today. Which meant that I rented the dingo, and I managed to completely decimate the backyard.

I'm gonna try to show some pictures here, so bear with me.

First, here's a pic of the trailer as I came back from Des Moines. If you look in the background, you can see a bunch of junk in the backyard.

The stump grinder in action. This was way cool, very loud, and generated a metric buttload of mulch.

The business end of the stump grinder in action. And more junk in the background.

The dingo. Yes, I loaded it on my own trailer, because mine was bigger, and I had room for both the bucket and the tiller. This was a hoot and a half to run, even though I did manage to tip it over on its nose once and had to get help from the concrete crew across the alley to help tip it back.
To their credit, they didn't laugh too hard.

Pay particular attention to the wheel on the trailer. No, it's not flat, that's just how freaking heavy the dingo is. It took three of us to tip it back upright.

This is what the back yard looks like now. It still needs to be raked and leveled a bit, but the major humps and bumps are leveled off, and most of the roots are chopped up quite well.
The piles along the side are from the original scraping as well as the mulching, and will probably be put to use in the front yard, though I'm not entirely sure yet. I need to get them away from the fence eventually.

There's still a bunch of stuff that I need to deal with. Aside from the stuff in the driveway that's being kept, there's the junk that I need to get a dumpster for.

I had the dingo for a solid four hours. Adding in the time to drive there and back, load and unload and all, and it was probably closer to five hours, plus a couple of hours of post-dingo cleanup. I think I finally wrapped at 8:30 or so.

After that, I met up with Tony & Kristi for drinks & dinner at Champp's in Ridgedale, which was good company as always.

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