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Barb was at the house today. She spent a huge amount of time cleaning the bathroom, which was much appreciated as it sorely needed it. I managed to roll the backyard, do a bit of raking and reseeding, and now it's almost level and actually dry enough that the pooch can go into the backyard again to pee without getting the muddy foots. I also managed to break two rakes in the process.

New grill is assembled. I'm actually pretty jazzed about doing the first grilling on it, it's pretty nice. Menard's special. Kinda tempted to wait until the back deck is finished, and the way the weather is looking, that may not be for a while yet.

Emotional moment: the dividing up of the books. I'm giving up pretty much all of them except for the technical and filmmaking books. While I am attached to them, I haven't read most of them in over a year and I don't see that I will be re-reading them any time soon. Besides, I can always replace them if I really need to; it's more the separation that has me feeling wonky.

New job tomorrow. The excite-o-meter is pretty high.

There are things I'm hiding, I think. Emotional stuff I'm not so sure I want out in the open quite yet.

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