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A subject of concern

Well, I managed to spend the entire day online.
I have three weeks left on the unemployment train. Meaning that if I am not gainfully employed this week, there will be an unspecified break in our household income. Considering that we have been running slowly but steadily behind for six months, it will be disastrous. So no pressure or anything.

I should be outside working on the house, but because it was raining, I decided that being on the ladder would be too dangerous. I spent the day responding to a backlog of e-mail and jobsurfing.

Ah, jobsurfing.

Great job listing. Perfect fit. Job is in Rochester. Posted today. Position was filled.

Great job listing. Position is in San Diego.

Call from a recruiter. Interesting position, I have unique qualifications. Job is in Chicago.

Applied for a multimedia developer position. Massively low pay. Probably too low.

Have not heard from the job in Pequot lakes. Have not heard from Adobe.

Not feeling very confident right now.
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