Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

So much to do, so little time

I've had a lawnmower for two weeks now, and I've never started it up.
I've had a new barbecue grill for a week and I haven't fired it up yet.
Between rain and exhaustion, nothing is going the way that I want it to.
The forecast shows Friday as the first day of little or no rain,
Saturday being the same, then raining again on Sunday.

I want to get the back deck done. I figure that's two days of solid
work, and it would be nice to get it done at one time so I can continue
to use the back yard from the house. I may have to set up the canopy
again so that I can have a space to work even when it's raining.

I haven't even begun to work on the front porch.

There is still a metric buttload of work to be done on the inside:
1.) Cleaning out the living room to make room for the garage sale stuff
2.) Lights and a switch in the One Room
3.) Laundry hell (don't ask)
4.) Find out what's wrong with the laundry room drain
5.) Clean out the dining room
6.) Install dining room light
7.) Install new service panel
8.) Fix ceiling in dining room
9.) Clean out basement
10.) Set up lab area
11.) Snake main sewer line

I'm just gonna stop there, because the list never ends.

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