Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I feel this pressure of deadlines that don't really exist.

I have the distinct impression that I need to have something completed
by the end of the month or thereabouts. Something to do with the house.
It's not an actual deadline, or at least not one that I can remember.
Just a vague feeling of unease and slight panic.

It might be a leftover of having to find a job, because this is about
when I figured I'd be running out of money. Or it might have to do with
the garage sale being at the end of the month. Or it might be the
hundreds of small jobs that are on the list of things to do, or the
vague sense of unease at being "temporary" in my own house.

I suppose I could organize and prioritize. It would probably make my
life easier, or at least offload all the crap out of my cobweb-infested
brain and maybe let me relax. I've been finding myself clenching my
whole body.

Maybe that's a good job for one of these rainy days when I don't feel
like doing the physical stuff that has to be done in the high-entropy
Big Broken Box(tm).

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