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The entire day was spent at Tony & Kristi's with film-y stuff

We did some noodling around with a sort-of greenscreen, playing around with some costume ideas and a bit of lighting.

Not exactly a big budget setup, but it's experimenting. I don't have a picture of the full lighting rig that we set up, but it was really pretty minimal. I think we used two studio lights and the light on the garage door opener.

Considering this was a quick-and-dirty setup, it turned out reasonably well.

Afterwards, there was a bit of goofing around.

Kate. She is not camera shy at all. And actually quite talented, which means there is basically no way that we will keep her from appearing in movies at some time in the future.

Sasha and Kate about to throw down, while buddy sleeps through it.

Sasha, who makes me go weak in the knees on occasion. This was one of those occasions.

We ended up watching of Team America World Police (which I had never seen before) to much hearty laughter, and some good conversation well into the night.
It was a good day.

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