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Avoiding work...

Well, I'm up early. Mostly because of cat vomit, but I'm awake. And it's a beautiful day outside. And I am destined to spend the day going up and down the ladder yet again. So rather than getting started, I am putting it off by snarfing on LiveJournal. Go figure.
Another recruiter call this morning. Good job description, though I have the sneaking suspicion it is for the same job as yesterday. Difficult to tell, because I don't get the company name when I get these listings. Still, it's two calls in three days for jobs which I qualify very well.
Then there's this... thing... I can't really talk about it, as it's related to Convergence, and there are enough Convergence-folk on the list that I don't want to spoil things, but suffice it to say that there is something that has sufficient complexity that I may design a small controller for it.
On the plus side, I can do the design so that I can re-use it for other purposes. It also is a resume builder, which is a good thing. And I have the tools to do it.
Downside, it's time-consuming, and means I will most likely not be able to put as much time into the other more mechanical portions of the project. However, we have help in that area.
It sounds like a good idea. Then again, it means I have a very limited time to actually accomplish it. Yikes!

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