Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Wow, I feel good today. The sun being out helps with that, but in
general that contented feeling from last night has carried over into
Part of it is that I got my prescriptions refilled, so I'm back on the
full regimen. I'm more curious about whether that will help with the
physical endurance side. I will find out tonight, as I'm helping Sasha
move furniture. She's moving from a third-floor apartment.
Where she's moving to is a little more complex.

Most of her furniture she's moving into the House of Baylor. I don't
talk much about him for reasons which a couple of people know well; I'll
just say that he has earned my distinct lack of trust through his
actions with friends. However, he has a big house and has lots of room
for storage.
Sasha herself is moving in to the Big Broken Box(tm). This is temporary,
as she's going over to France for the summer, and will be leaving in a
couple of weeks, but for a little while I will have an active roomate.
Of course, the fact that she's a hot babe doesn't make me shy away from
this. :)
When she comes back, she'll likely be staying for a while. She's coming
back right before classes start, and we're planning on a tight shooting
schedule, so I would guess that it's likely that she'll be at the house
for at least the semester. That will depend a lot on her and how
comfortable she is living with me and the pets and the overall crap, but
she's been to the house and helped clean so she knows what she's getting

The question is: do I?

This morning, Becky (the receptionist/office manager) was talking about
the recycling bin, mentioning that it needs to be bigger. I told her we
should make it about six feet high so we could put people in it. Without
missing a beat, she said "Yeah. But let's just not tell them it's a
juicer". Oh, she's good.

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