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May. 26th, 2005

It kind of rubs off on you, and not in that
creepy-guy-in-the-back-of-the-bus way either. I'm talking about being
around happy people at work. I actually like what I'm doing. I can grump
about uncommented source code, but the reality is that I can deconvolve
it and understand what it does, and it's something I can do well.
It is still work, and I'd rather be playing outside today. I was just
out getting lunch from the truck, and it's beautiful.

Overall, things are going pretty well.
The Big Broken Box(tm) is succumbing slowly to my seductive methods of
repair and maintenance, I actually have grass growing in the backyard,
the house is noticeably less cluttered than it was.
I have a real job that I like at a good company, I will actually have
health insurance soon, and I am close enough to see my friends on a
fairly regular basis.
I have cute cuddly fuzzy pets what loves me.
And there are honest-to-god trees and lakes.
And the air doesn't smell like pig feces.
And there's a hot babe moving into the house.
And movies to be made.

Dear God, I think the Sunshine Fairy has been blowing up my ass.


May. 26th, 2005 07:08 pm (UTC)
*grins and waves* See.... joy is GOOD for you..... (Not that Lord Hedon didn't already know *that* one... heh.). *big, knowing smile*

Same here... for the most part, I'm quietly, deleriously happy... (not always... joy is hard work sometimes...). Am starting to dream again, and making plans to begin REAL work on those dreams. "Tis a scary, wonderful prospect. :-)

And it's ABOUT DAMN TIME that YOU started getting good things back... I'm glad it's finally happening.

(And at the risk of being risque:
Funny... I didn't think it was your ASS that wanted "blowing".... )

*wicked giggle* *wink*

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