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First, I cut the outer frame and attached it to the deck bed. Sweet 45 degree mitered corners, and all the attaching screws hidden on the inside. It took some time to do it right, but I like the result.

After that, adding the joists was easy. They were all cut to the same length, and they basically just slipped right into place. I attached them with joist hangars to give them some stability, but the core strength is already there.
The one annoying bit was that the top of the joists was just over crotch height, so straddling them was a tiny bit uncomfortable.

The decking went in perfectly after that. The recess made it perfectly framed so they would just slide into place. The onlybitch was the last piece which I had to rip to width, and I had to "tent" up a couple of pieces to make 'em fit. Laid the smackdown on the decking with the pneumatic nailer, and voila.

Oh, yeah, I did have to finagle the steps a bit.

And I shall let you wonder just how I managed to get the grill up on top of the deck by myself.

And to celebrate, I grilled some cow-slabs that had been marinating overnight, along with roasting some red and green bell peppers, and making an olive and balsamic vinegar sauce with parmesan cheese.

Big cleanup will wait until tomorrow, but it's basically done. I need to add railings and such, but they can wait.

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