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Lick the donkey sponge

Another day on the ladder today. Ow, ow, ow. After six hours, only one of four soffit sets done. Mostly due to the need to move the ladder every few feet for every damn step. I lost count of how often I went up and down the damn thing, but I am definitely a hurting unit. Three more to go, then clean, repair, and paint the gutters.

All by tomorrow night.

Ain't gonna happen.

Another recruiter call... two in one day. That is promising. The job is likely a wash, as they want a lot of middleware and COM+, which I don't have. Still, it's nice to be noticed.

I got the letter for the unemployment extension today, yay!
A breath of relief. Still needs to be approved, but it looks good.

Mom call today. Arnold, her steady, is deteriorating rapidly. He had a massive stroke a few months ago, and he's been having a lot of mini-strokes since then. Primarily in the memory-recall and cognition areas of his brain, which makes his memory faulty and his sense of reality very odd. He remembers things that never happened with great aclarity. She is having to deal with his deterioration, and it's not pretty.

Lots of busy stuff happening now through Convergence weekend. No more projects!

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