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Little Bastard

I finally got to bed around 2:30 this morning. At 5:00, Micha (the cat) decided he was hungry.

Now when the Dark Master decides he wants something, he is none too shy about letting us know. His gentle way of prodding us is to get up in your face and meow as loud as he can. Or if we are both sleeping, he likes to run and jump on the bed, bouncing on both of us and disappearing off the other side, then he nonchalantly walks up with this "Oh, you're awake now? Good, then you can pet me" attitude.

I fed the little prick, then settled back under the covers. Just as I was falling asleep, he woke me up again-- this time, he wanted chocolate donuts.

Reminds me of what 'catapult' means.
Tags: pets

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