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Last night after work I headed up to Tony & Kristi's to shoot some video footage of a jedi/sith lightsaber fight between Alex and one of his friends. They had a routine fairly well choreographed, so we shot a number of different angles so Tony could edit it together. Sasha was there helping with the staging and direction and providing distract-y bits (and lovely distract-y bits indeed).
Afterwards, we hit Alleygators for drinking and karaoke (note: redundant?), where I actually got up and sang three songs. Two of them were pitched too high for me, but it was still fun. Need more tequila.
And then there was the heading home and watching the massive lightning storm on the horizon.
It was way too hot trying to get to sleep, but Sasha needed to do some computer-related work when we got home, so I remained with my potentially-distracting bits covered, a little addled by the tequila and rum, while she worked. I think I fell into a fitful sleep somewhere along the way, because I woke up naked early in the morning to the sound of things breaking and banging into other things. Thankfully this was caused by the storm and not from the insanity that would have inevitably set in had she actually seen me naked.

Tonight is some making of stuff and some fixing of other stuff.

I have the feeling that phrase will be reused quite often now that I'm back home.

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