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Trust = Pain


Bad mood rising. Today is the kind of day that I'd want to just stay home and stay in bed, except it wouldn't do any good. Then I'd just be pissed off in bed.

Anger and frustration, pain and wale. It's been building for a time, and yesterday I think it burst like some festering abcess, spewing vitriol and pus and hate. I thought that today it would subside, but it didnt; it only changed form, and now lives like a stone in my gut.

I invite pain. I invite destruction. I invite punishment. I let them in like a pig in a straw house, and when they try to eat me I run screaming. I am chewed, ground into infinity, and spat upon the darkness.

There will always be other pigs.

I am broken. Something inside doesn't work anymore. I wanted to know how to fix it, but I now know that it can't be fixed. It is gone, a piece is missing, destroyed.

Laugh and I'll break your head, fucker.

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