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The canopy took a nosedive again yesterday due to the storm. Somewhere I have bolts for the legs that need to go in, along with the plastic feet. I'm guessing they went into the shed on last cleanup, but I don't know for sure-- they could be in the breezeway, or they may have been dispatched to the great beyond. It also means that I now need to replace two of the corner brackets, and find a better way of attaching some of the crossmembers in case they move in the winds. They keep popping out of the holders.

I am running behind on projects that I have to get done. There are two that are immediately pressing that are stalled because I can't order the materials that I need until Thursday, which means they won't get delivered until next week. Eeep!

No more projects for a while. I have enough going on to fill my life quite thoroughly. Pretty much everything in my life is in emergency/crunch mode right now, so getting things done is on a catch-as-catch-can basis.

Not so much on the introspection train these days. Maybe because I'm busy all the time.

I need to do some things. I need to exercise regularly. I need to spend more time with the pooch. I need to get the house cleaned up. I need to get started on the porch.

Small stuff. Start small.

Okay. Tonight if it's not raining, I do what I can to fix the canopy. If it is raining, I set up a shelf and put clothes on it in my bedroom. That's small enough stuff for tonight.

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