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So last night I went over to the Asylum to meet with chebutykin and to briefly see cajones. That all went very well, and a bit later windelina and the Monte showed up which made for a pleasant but all-too-brief time together; unfortunately I had to get home to try and handle another project that is brewing.

Ah, but 'twas not to be.

Monte said "Hey, is that your Explorer out front?"


"Boy, do you have a flat tire."

And so I did. Left front tire, pancake.

Of course I already knew where the jack was and the spare tire and all that crap since I had to replace a tire once down in the Land of Pigs and Corn. My really nice hydraulic jack was in the storage shed at the house, so I had to use the one that actually comes with the truck.
The one that doesn't raise the swing arm high enough to actually put on the spare tire.

Oh, I got the old tire off just fine. Nice neat puncture wound, which means that it can very likely be repaired. Getting the spare on was a different story.

The good news: Windy had a jack in her trunk, a basic scissors jack. I put it under the swing arm and jacked it up to a holding position, unjacked my jack and lowered it, moved it and was able to raise the arm up enough to get the spare on. Reverse the procedure, and voila, the truck is on the ground on all four tires.

With the spare having no air.

Luckily (once again), the Windymobile had an air compressor just for such things. Monte put it on the tire, and a scant several minutes later, the tire was up to 40 PSI and ready to drive.

All told, it was one of the least traumatic flat tire experiences that I've ever had. Aside from having enough equipment to git 'r done, the company was smashing. Unfortunately it meant that I didn't get home until late, and I had no time to work on the thing that I needed to work on, which means it gets shoved off onto this weekend, which is already full.

I should know better than to fill up my schedule. You never seem to plan for the unplanned.

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