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Had a major success at work right before leaving today. It's a great way to start a weekend.

Changed the tire back to the freshly repaired one. Took all of 15 minutes; the actual jacking up of the car took something like 20 seconds with the hydraulic jack, swapping the wheels took less than a minute, and the lowering of the vehicle was nearly instantaneous. The rest was prep and cleanup.

Mowed the lawn, too. With the crap Canadian mower. 5 horsepower my ass. Grilled turkey breasts, roasted peppers and carrots on the grill, and make a garlic-leek-soy sauce, all healthy and smack.

Things with the Sasha seem to be working themselves out nicely. Not in the I'm-getting-some sense, but in the having a comfortable friendship sense. In the long term it is definitely better. In the short term, still not getting any. :)

I don't mean to be flip about it. It's harder than I'd ever imagined walking away from twelve years of relationship, and I find a lot of things about myself to be not so good that I really hadn't considered before.


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