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That would be a new section of concrete poured to repair the old badly damaged footing.

240 lbs of concrete mix. Mixed by hand. It surprised me how little concrete an 80 lb. bag of dry mix makes. I was looking for another older picture that could show how badly damaged the old footing was, but I don't have one handy-- it's saved on a CD-R somewhere. The closest I can find now is this:

Which doesn't begin to show how bad the footing actually was. This picture was taken before cleaning and removing the old cracked weak concrete which had been damaged by water and freeze/thaw cycles. After cleaning, the corner was simply gone, and probably 1/3 to 1/2 of what you see here was removed.

Tomorrow I'll do a quick treatment to toughen up the surface, and then I have to cut some brick away, which I didn't get to today.

Sorry dewey921 that I didn't make the party, but I'm pretty obnoxiously dirty and I need to shower and then probably sleep.

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