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Arglebargle iv

So today has been filled up with meetings and interviews and discussions as well. It's been a kind of an odd day.
First, I woke up late and had to run out of the house without a shower. I hate not showering because I feel grimy for the rest of the day-- however, part of today was a social event outside, so there was sweating in the hot sun, and that pretty much negates any positive effects of the showering.
Then it was a meeting with Rick who is here from the home office in Framingham. Rick was in charge of the project before I got my grubby paws on it, so he has a lot more insight into the internals of it, and pretty much took me on a coding tour. That led immediately into the first interview/presentation, which went well into the noon hour.
After lunch, phase 2 of the interview, followed by the ice-cream social.

I am now officially comatose.

Was up until late working on a project that shall not be named. Sasha was up doing laundry, so we spent a lot of the time talking and watching TV. It's nice to have female company, even if it's not of the "I wanna get dirty" variety. We talked a bit about making movies, I threw out an idea for a short, she didn't throw up.

Unfortunately because of the lack of shower, I still have various bits of goo attached to my body. From the project, not from Sasha.

One of the more clever things that came out of the talking was rule #2: Never Date The Stupid. (Rule #1 is Never Date The Insane. If I have to explain that to you, you're far too gone already.)

This led into a bit of discussion on my standards, which I don't see as impossibly high. I happen to think that it is very possible to find hot geek babes-- I know a couple already. I think the hard part is finding dateable hot geek babes; the ones I know are either already attached or just not interested.

Then there's that whole "don't wanna get involved" thing that I've got running through my head.

So okay, it's not exactly as shallow as all that. Part of the reason for me wanting to do (write/produce/direct) my own film is that it's one of my recovery goals. I've already hit a couple of 'em, and I want to keep going. Right now probably isn't the best time because of how busy I've become, but it's not exactly something for which I plan, it just kinda happens.

In that way it is similar to shit.


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