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There is an old saying.

Back up your data.

So I did. Backed it right up to the Linux server. Samba. Copied the entire directory structure just fine.

Just not the files.


Main computer crash. Ahh, good I have backup. What's that you say? No files?


Nice night tonight. Barb's boss at the museum had a group of us over for dinner at his house. Prodigious amounts of excellent food, good conversation, and a marvy design sense. It was like a grown-up dinner party.

But when did I become a grown-up?

Stupid distractions: learning how to use the Unreal editor to create DeusEx levels. Not exactly resume-building material, but cool fun. Decided to take an old D&D module and map the castle into Deus Ex. First flub is that the scale is wrong. The castle is about twice as big as it should be. I may see if there is a way of globally scaling everything, but if not, I just have a really big castle.

It is kinda cool to actually see a 3D visualition though.

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