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Saw Serenity.

I shall say nothing about it, other than go see this movie. It comes out in full release on Sept. 30th.

If you have not seen firefly the series, it is available on DVD. If you can't buy the DVD set, you probably have a friend who has it.

See. This. Movie.

Why do I hate Joss Whedon?

Because I am his bitch. He fucking mainlined into my brain and fed me exactly what I was looking for, and manipulated me with just the right blend of humor, pathos, chaos and reverie, and made me fall in love with Morena Baccarin all over again.
Among others.
Ah, hell, they're all wonderful. And actual acting.

And dammit, they have passion.

Why do I hate Joss Whedon?

Because I'm jealous.
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