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Snuck out to a late night showing of Land of the Dead last night.

Perhaps the most un-Romeroish Romero zombie movie ever. Highly political, but the zombies had a much different representation than they usually do. There were actually leading zombie characters. Leguizamo was hot, but I think under his capabilities. Asia Argento-- well, I want to do dirty things to her, but what else is new. Dennis Hopper you just loved to hate.
A bit two-dimensional in the characters, but I think it worked within the structure of the story.

More yard sale stuff today. I didn't realize how freaking hard it would be to sell crap, because a lot of that crap has connections to dreams that will now always be unfulfilled. They probably would have been anyway, but it's really gut-wrenching to be selling off dreams for two bits a pop. I feel like someone has taken a big ice-cream scoop and squagged out my guts.

And I'm gonna have to do this again later too.

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