Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Holy Water Buffalos, has this day been screaming by.

Scope detail meeting this afternoon took up a chunk o' time. Various miscellany took up another bunch of chunklets, and I'm popping out early to hit IASCO/TESCO before they close (at 5:00) for some needed supplies... I'm running low on some critical items.

Tonight is gone already. After I get home, I need to hook up the SVHS deck to the editing system, find my mixer and associated cables, gather and pack bits of the Big Project for show & tell, answer Barb's questions about editing, go to an 8:00 meeting, possibly do a demo, go back home, answer more of Barb's questions, set up the CD burner and burn a CD or two.
Not necessarily in that order.

Oy gepuppy.

I still need to plan & pack for CONvergence, including making my laptop into a portable sound system. Mostly that means cleaning off the hard drive, but it also includes doing some basic removal of unused programs and general crap. And I need to clean out the Exploder so I can fit the cart and stuff that I will be needing.

It seems like every year I bring more stuff than I had planned to...

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