Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I press my things together in anticipation of the coming weekend.

Unfortunately, I work all day Friday. I might have been able to take a vacation day, but I've already snagged one of those to go visit my mother for her birthday, which I really think is more important in the long run.

This week with Barb in the house has been stressful, though she has been trying to be minimal-impact. Some things are pretty unavoidable, particularly when having the problems with the software that I've been having. My day would be pretty full anyway, and the problems just add to the stress level. I've been getting to bed late every night, and I'm starting to wear thin. I know that there will be more problems when I get home tonight, and either tonight or tomorrow is dinner with Sasha-- the last time I will see her until she gets back in the fall.

I plan to be packed up and ready to go direct from work on Friday. I might be able to leave a little bit early to try and avoid traffic, but I'll pretty much be down prior to OC. Saturday is pretty much full all day until the end of Masquerade and a bit beyond to put away equipment. There will be hot tubbing.

Monday is a vacation day. I think it will be a good recovery day.

I still need to clean up after all of the messy creation stuff that I did. Mostly trash pickup at this point, but also re-sorting stuff from the garage sale that didn't sell, mowing the lawn, paying bills.

And sleeping.

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