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Your Slanguage Profile

Aussie Slang: 50%
Canadian Slang: 50%
British Slang: 25%
New England Slang: 25%
Prison Slang: 25%
Victorian Slang: 25%
Southern Slang: 0%

So I'm 50% Oz and 50% Canadian? I can deal with that.

Your Summer Anthem is Best Of You by the Foo Fighters

I've got another confession my friend
I'm no fool
I'm getting tired of starting again
Somewhere new

While you may seem bright on the outside, your insides have a distinct angst flavor.

On the inside, I'm laughing...

You Are Coffee Ice Cream
Energetic and lively, you are always on the go.
You're doing a million things at once and doing them well.
You tend to motivate others and raise spirits.
You are most compatible with chocolate ice cream.

Oooh, I could do some chocolate ice cream right now. I can taste it on my tongue...

Slow and Steady
Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

Painstaking and fussy?

Your Taurus Drinking Style

You prefer to drink at a leisurely pace, aiming for a mellow glow rather than a full on zonk.
When you're truly intoxicated, you are a one-person stampede...
A bull-in-a-china-shop inebriate who spills red wine on white carpets and tells fart jokes to employers.

Your preference for wining and dining (or Bud and buddies) to body shots and barfing is quite fortunate for the rest of the world
This is not to say that you are by any means a teetotaler -- god, no.
You will get, er, gregarious (full of loudmouth soup, some would say) and are extremely amusing to drag to a karaoke bar when intoxicated.
Your Signature Cocktails
Early-to-bed Taureans need a picker-upper -- try a Red Bull and vodka. You likely have a leviathan sweet tooth and are fond of drinks with names that sound like dessert (50-50 bar, mudslide). Sweetly caffeinated drinks, like Irish coffee or white Russians, are ideal. A little more macho? Then go for something unpretentious, like a Jack and Coke or whiskey sour.
Your Celebrity Drinking Buddies
Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, Jerry Seinfeld, Uma Thurman, Renee Zellweger, Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman, and The Rock.

Unpretentious and horny. Sounds more like me.

Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is

Ronaldo dos Santos

Ronnie two saints?

You are a sock.

You are a cozy, fuzzy, warm-hearted person. A lot of your friends describe you as a hopeless romantic. You fall for the opposite sex very easily. But be careful, because usually you don't know what you are getting into, and because you are very sensitive, you can get hurt... especially in early relationships. Also, don't exclude the cold-hearted from your "want-list", because they just might be looking for a kind person to warm up their heart.... or a sock to warm up their feet.

Most compatible with: Toilet Paper.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

Compatible with toilet paper? I'd rather lick the chocolate ice cream.

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.
With respect to money, you spend as little as possible.
You think good luck depends on maintaining good relationships with others.
The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort.
You have a tendency to overdo things, but basically you value your friendships highly.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you make opportunities to interact with many people through club activities or a hobby, then select someone you like.

I want my girlfriend or boyfriend... to DO ME LIKE A LOVE MONKEY!

I spend as little money as possible, but it's impossible to not spend a lot of money.

Other than that, sounds okay. I still want the chocolate ice cream.

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