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Quickie convention update:

1.) Masquerade, best in show. Booya! Pictures will be forthcoming.

2.) Hot geek babes.

3.) Consumption of much rum on Saturday night, perhaps a touch of inappropriate behavior.

4.) gingerpook and gunthar were there. Yaaay! And yes Wendy, there are a whole hell of a lot of people who love you and are happy as hell that you were able to make it.

5.) Best one-liner of the convention: "And then the Xanax wore off."

6.) I could be in a lot of trouble.

Friday after OC, I went to a panel called Zombie Dystopia, which was all about the question of what would you do were there a zombie invasion... and really, how could I not go to a panel such as this?

Turns out the panel was hosted by three rather excellent geek babes. One of whom was wearing a leather bikini, and quite well I may add. Now hot geek babes talking about zombies are enough to keep me distracted for a very long time, but the one in the leather bikini turns out to be the scientisty one. We got off on a couple of sidetracks about intellectual zombieism, and I was pretty damn enthralled.

She's also short and petite (which I like a lot), and she has dark curly hair and really dark brown eyes, the almost-black kind. We're talking a hit out of the ballpark for my favorite physical type.

But you know, it's a convention. It's a panel. I talked to her briefly afterwards, then departed, never to be seen again. Except for a couple more times.

The last time was at Dead Dog, when two of the three girls ended up sitting behind me during a couchfest. There was a lot of geeking and laughter, and a lot of pleasantry, and it was damn nice. Then we got talking a bit about jobs, and somehow she got describing what she did, which sounded an awful lot to me like she wore a costume. Turns out she does.

She's a snoopy girl. And I have a major thing for Snoopy Girls. And it turns out we know a bunch of the same people.

So let's keep track here, shall we?

She's a geek.
She's really smart.
She's cute as hell.
She likes zombies.
She acts and dances.
She's really nice and sweet.
She communicates well.
She seems to like me.
She's a Snoopy girl.

We're bordering on perfect woman territory here.

So what's the catch?

Well, she's old enough to drink alcohol legally.

I think.

I know she's in college. And I know she's over 18.

Yes. I know. Too young. But Holy Hannah, that combination is absolutely impossible to ignore. I plan on pursuing a friendship, or at least offering one. And that is all.

More will be forthcoming. Right now I must sleep.

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