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Longer, thicker penis in just 3 days!

Photo shoot today. Scrimshaw brothers for their Fringe Festival show. I ended up falling into a fountain, but did not drop the camera. Yay me! Although a couple of hours in the sun may leave me a little burned. Thinking about it, when I was younger, I never got sunburn. Is it just that I'm older, or is there actually more UV?

Tonight, I managed to swim over to spend a little time with cajones and chebutykin to chat about stuff and watch the eclipse. Low-key night, as I was really pretty exhausted and cheb was not feeling well, but nice nonetheless. Every time I see more of Chris's artwork, I am stunned. And I've known him for a long time.

Snack-food moment: wasabi-coated dried peas. Addictive.

Sexist-pig moment:
When I was younger, I used to believe that something I wanted was a beautiful, sexy woman who was sexually adventurous and willing (and happy) to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. So now that I'm older, I had to ask myself if that was something I still really wanted.

Hell yes.

I also want a couple hundred million dollars, tight abs, and a winning personality.

Not gonna happen.

It's a fantasy, and I know the difference between fantasy and reality, at least for the most part. I don't repress those fantasies. I recognize that I have them, and accept them as a part of myself.

So I firmly realize that my partner has her own wants/needs/desires, and they may not coincide with mine, and I'm quite okay with that.

I like fruit.

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