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Your Kissing Purity Score: 17% Pure

For you, it's all kiss and no talk.

You're in a permanent lip lock.

I find a written test on my kissing skills to be amooosing, in the same way that I find a written drug screening to be.

Kind of a holding pattern today.

  Friday, whoda thunk it? I'm well into the desire to start hanging brick, so depending on the weather (whether it rains), I should be outside after work doing brick-y prep work. Doubtful that I'll actually be laying mortar before it gets dark, but things like general cleanup and site prep are necessary.
  A lot will depend on how tired I am after hauling the block and everything into the front. I could set up lights and keep going after dark, but I suspect I won't want to.

  Then there are the reallybig piles of dirt that need to be sifted and moved. I'm tempted at this point to just leave them there, but I think that it would make the brickwork a lot easier if I move them out of the way. And it's sweaty, time-consuming work. Anyone looking for a workout? :D

  Possible LAN party on Saturday. I'd love to go, but I'd feel way guilty about not getting work done on the house, so I'm torn. I may compromise and go later, depending on what I get done before then and whether it's raining again.

  I have to do general laundry and cleanup stuff inside. And I really should do a routing of the basement to get out a bunch of *crap* so I can start moving tools and supplies down there for real. So it's kind of a work-ready-whether-it-rains-or-not deal.

  Company picnic on Aug. 13th. A bring-your-sig-other-and-kids kind of thing. Not so much my style. Being not even insignificantly-othered and having a dog as the closest thing I have to a kid, it's a kind of suburban beer-and-volleyball-and-kiddie-pool hell lite. Though they did announce at a company meeting today that Fridays are not so much casual as Hawaiian-shirt day, participation encouraged. SO much different from Deere.

  45-day review in a couple of minutes. I hate the called-into-the-manager-office meetings. I know this one is scheduled, but they always leave me uncomfortable, like being called into the principal's office. (it went fine, BTW.)

  Another note entirely: I've been trying to figure out my attraction to physical types. I have a good idea of what my favorite type is (body shape, height, hair & eyes, etc.), but I've found a really wide range of women attractive, and there's not a correspondence between a particular body shape and my attraction.  Fer instance, there were a lot of æsthetically pleasing women down in Des Moines, but only one I was attracted to. And up here, there are a lot of women that are not as stereotypically "beautiful" as the media would set forth, but I'm plenty wowsers for. Yet at the same time, there are physical extremes that make me go "nuh-uh", despite all else. And I don't know where those boundaries lie, or even if they really are boundaries or if there is just some nebulous gray area where judgement (or lack thereof) comes into play.

  I don't have a good answer. I get parts of it, but only a few of 'em. Obviously the chemistry of attraction isn't only physical (except for perhaps swimsuit models and Angelina Jolie), but needs personality and intelligence to inflate my dinghy. And some common ground, and the ability to communicate.
  But wait a minute, how does that account for the purely animal lust that I feel when perusing the latest Penthouse, or the Hopkins High School cheerleaders?

  Hmmm... there must be a couple different kinds of attraction. Okay, that makes sense. One that's mostly pure lust, and the other that has a higher sense of purpose.

  But that doesn't sit right either. I know nothing of Miss October's intelligence or her personality other than her turn ons are good listeners and guys who mountain bike and her turn offs include boorish behavior and rudeness, yet I still wanna do her in the back of a '57 Chevy.

  Could it be that attraction has vectors (in the mathematical sense, not the infection sense)? Like it's made up of components? A function of several orthagonal variables?

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