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I actually went bike shopping today. Briefly, but worth it. I didn't buy a bike yet, but I saw one that I liked in my price range.

And I went over to Colin & Jess's to meet saveau for a marathon HALO LAN session. And verily, I did once again earn my nickname of "bait", being killed far more often than killing (and all too often at my own hand). It was a huge blast, and very cathartic.
Afterwards, I was distracted by a bad movie called Goth, which of course I liked. It's definitely in the "six dollars and spit" category of indie films, but they did some unbelievably creative things with sets. They shot an entire set of scenes in a goth "club", that I recognized as being a redress of a single set, and as it turned out the whole piece was filmed in somebody's garage. A significant part of the movie was filmed inside of a van, and honestly it actually required some acting talent to pull it off. And they almost had enough. Phoebe Dollar was actually pleasant to watch as a psychopath.

The special effects were... well, crap. When somebody is being stabbed with a knife, it really isn't that hard to make it look like they're actually being stabbed. Not using a real knife helps with that.

Rockin' soundtrack though.
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