Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Blathering idiot tired today. I'm able to function, but it's like doing everything through heavy syrup.

Contemplating working outside for a bit tonight, and whether it's a good idea. I suspect that going home will tie me into a sleep thing from which I shall not recover. Instead, perhaps I should hit up Menards and do some creative plumbing for the concrete cut-off saw so I can have a constantly-running water source to both reduce dust (and increase mud) and cool the blade. A bit of judicious plumbing will allow me to gain back the hand that would otherwise be controlling the garden hose, and I really like being able to focus when I'm operating power tools that can cut through concrete.

Scoping work stuff for this next project. Initial scope is 103 weeks (just for me), with an expected delivery of 36 weeks. However, unlike my previous place of employment, this is actually seen as a warning sign that either the scope of changes needs to be reduced, the schedule date changed, or more resources added. And all without my having to say anything about it.

And a friend of mine from down there is leaving at the end of the month and wanted to know if there were any jobs available here. And since there is one open right now that I think he'd fit, I got him in touch with Pete. It's a good thing.
Tags: house, sleep, work

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