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I really need to clean the house.

I haven't really done any cleaning since before CONvergence, and the house really needs it. The kitchen still has detritus from when Barb was here the week before con, plus what I have added in the meantime. The living room I haven't really been in aside from short jaunts to get the mail, but it has a buildup of pet hair and junk mail. I need to clean the bedroom and fold the laundry, wash/replace the bedding, take the stuff out of the bedroom that doesn't need to be there. I need to put away the dishes that are in the dishwasher. I need to do a general bathroom cleaning.

All of this stuff is the kind of normal everyday thing that I haven't been doing. Partly because I'm exhausted and overwwhelmed, and partly because I just don't care anymore.

I should care. It should make a difference to me. But right now it just seems like too much bother.

There is a more overwhelming de-cluttering that needs to happen, but I can't even consider that right now. I need to put the smackdown on the small stuff first.

I haven't even been in the studio for weeks. The studio needs a serious smackdown, and is days worth of sorting and cleaning in and of itself.

And then there's the basement.

Before I can really finagle stuff out of the studio, I need a place to put the stuff. The basement is slated to be workshop space, but right now it's full of crap. So the basement needs to be hit first.

And there's the concrete work that still needs to happen.

The house isn't well air conditioned. The basement is sucky, but the studio is grotesque for heat. And being sick on top of it doesn't help.

And then there's the Barb stuff in storage. I need to get it out of the basement and bring it up to her storage locker so I can use that space for my own nefarious storage needs.

First though, I really need to clean the house.
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