Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Mondo hondo sore throat this morning, to the point where I am beginning to suspect strep. Could just be post-nasal drip from the cold. I pretty much have no voice, but I can type.

Of course, that would mean that it would be good to have something to say.

Delphi sucks. Actually, I've been pretty unhappy with any Borland product that I've run into in the past several years, but Delphi in particular is chapping my ass.

There are some certain standard debugging features, like breakpoints. When you set a breakpoint in the code, you should break at the breakpoint. Things like a call stack or evaluation of expressions are really handy tools to have.

Maybe I'm spoiled. Hey, I've done debugging on DSP systems where the only indicator of where you were was toggling a spare port pin, and you had to determine timing from a scope trace. It's the Vulcan Mind Meld of debugging.

This is just a cumbersome set of tools that doesn't work well.


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