Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

A couple of these are a bit gory.

Sadie Pooches!

Sticks are good!

She is my sweetie. She is a little bit camera shy though.

LAN party from last weekend, where I once again earned the moniker of "Bait". Colin in the chair, saveau standing and gesturing. I got my ass handed to me repeatedly. It was fun.

Jess, who decided that HALO was not her style. Actually she had been babysitting previously, and was pretty wiped out.

This I found interesting. A comparison of the makeup from "Shaun of the Dead" windelina's masquerade entry.

This is the prosthetic after it was painted, and basically ready to apply, but before the makeup layer. Notice how really crappy that eye looks.

And this is with the live makeup. I am really amazed at how good that crappy eye looks in this photo. It doesn't do the ear justice though-- that sucker looks real up close. And it was attached with a piece of loose latex, so it could wobble as lokey moved. Hilarity ensued.

The blood is Ben Nye stage blood (now Mint Flavored!). It's really bright red, which worked for the quickie onstage appearance. Not sure how convincing it would be on film, but then I'd hopefully have more time to work on some more sophisticated makeup effects.


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