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Busy weekend.

Friday was spent setting up lighting for a weekend of shooting. Because I had a prior engagement on Saturday, I wasn't able to make it for Saturday shooting, so we went on Friday, since I am the lighting guru. Almost 4 hours of setup, with 10 lights and a fog machine. Unfortunately, we only has 2 15-amp circuits available, which meant we were constantly swapping the fog machine out for a set of effects lights. PITA, but it worked okay. Mostly because the basement was humid, and the fog would hang around for a while.

Saturday. Although this was the weekend of the Rex party, we were previously shooting this weekend, and even before that, I had been invited to the corpsification workshop. Yes, making corpses.

That's me with my corpse-in-progress. It's about half-done now, the full torso and both arms & hands-- the legs aren't done, and after that it needs touch-ups, painting, and hair. Still kinda fun to drive around with it in the passenger seat. :)
Unfortunate thing: sunburn while wearing the bandanna. I now have a nifty bi-color forehead. In bed by 9:00, asleep around 1:00 A.M., and not for good reasons.

Sunday: 7:30 A.M. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Yeah. Last-minute packing of things that would have made yesterday easier, like additional reflectors.
They had missed some stuff yesterday, so we had to make up for it today, with 26 scenes to shoot. With a lunch break, that runs something like 4 scenes per hour, and considering that lighting setups take time, it's a pretty rushed schedule.
We actually ran over by 5 minutes. There was much ass-kicking, and awesome performances by the actors (and everyone really) including our own Natalie Wass, who was absolutely fantastic.
Because I was able to set up a lot of peripheral lighting in advance, I was able to swing minimal lighting changes for the setups, while still getting some real fun results. Since we were shooting in the basement/boiler room of an old mansion, it has a lot of twisty pipes and equipment, and I went really X-files in the lighting design.
And it bloody well worked.
Regardless of anything else, I'm proud of what we shot this weekend. I can only hope that it cuts together as well. Tony is editing, so it's out of my hands.

Three more days of principal photography. Then comes postproduction. I have a lot of sound cleanup to do, and I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics of how we will do that. Tony uses Premiere. I use other programs. We can do a file-level transfer, but the actual edit...

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