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Thanks to mle292, the trailer is once again clear and the blocks are all in the front yard, along with a buttload of bags of cement and mortar. stark0228 came by, but unfortunately I had to get cracking on Adrienne's sound mix, which involved hooking up a VCR (after finding it), and a few special treatments to make it better.

Made it with about a half-hour to spare, which made for a nice dinner at the BLB with Adrienne, with Laurie White and Tony Karna stopping by.

I then hung around the BLB for a bit to watch the tech rehearsal, obstensibly to listen to the mix in the performance space to make sure it worked. Of course getting to watch hot dancer babes perform had nothing to do with it. Really though, they are impressive to watch-- I think this might be the best I've ever seen them individually. Amy was fooling around a bit beforehand, doing some handstands, then getting back down, completely silent. it was awe-inspiring.

Have I mentioned that I have a thing for dancers? It's admiration. Don't tell anyone, or I'll lose my lecher status.

I need to go put a tarp over the bags of cement before I forget. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

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