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Tried sleeping without the decongestant last night. Gave up after an hour. Today, I got some sugar-free cough syrup (Waltussin DM, same as Robitussin DM), and while it helps with the cough, it makes me sssllleeeeeepppyyy...

Unless it's melatonin that I took last night not kicking in until now.

(EDIT: nope, definitely the cough syrup. Wheee!)

Tonight might be a good night to curl up and read some more Harry Potter. I'm about halfway through, I think, right at the part where Ron and Hermione are fighting off the evil mountain goat things. I'll find out more by the time I get home, I think. Most likely I'll just hit the bed and zonk.

It's blasted humid out there, like walking into a big steam closet. I'm pretty sure that working outside would be a bad thing, or at least uncomfortable as hell. Pity, as I was kind of planning on finishing up the assembly of the cement mixer in case I wanted to, oh I don't know, mix cement?

Tags: sick

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