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Jobhunt Update:

Expanding a little more on the previous job call.

I didn't get out of bed until noon because of the whole back-pain thing. When I finally ibuprofened up enough to waddle upstairs for e-mail, I found out that a contract agency had called this morning, so I called back. Let's say 2:00.

She had a new job listing that seemed to fit my skills. As she started reading off the list, yep, yep, yep, it all fits. Then she says "and you worked for them before". I'm mentally going down the list in my head, and she says "OTC".

Owatonna Tool Company. In Owatonna. An hour commute one way. In good traffic.

So I say yes. Submit my resume. I told her what I was getting down there last time (it was quite high, primarily to help offset the commute), with the understanding that I probably wouldn't be able to get that price again. Hey, I've been looking for jobs that pay less than half of what I was making, and not even getting calls.

So yeah, submit the resume.

Then I went out to run an errand.

I got home at 4:00. Message on the answering machine from Melissa at Aerotek to call her.

I call. Turns out the job is working with the same exact guys I worked with before. And they liked me a lot. Enough to offer me the job at the same pay level I was getting before. More than they were offering for the job initially, because they really wanted me back.

It feels good to be wanted, particularly with a paycheck. I start Wednesday.

Result: I am employed again, 28 weeks after my last employed position.

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