Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I think I'm going to fire my butler.

Being out of money today, I thought of something. I had the refund check that I got from the old apartment-- all of $38.00-- so I figured I'd cash it. Drawn on a Wells-Fargo bank.
I don't have a Wells-Fargo account. Which meant that they had to be a PITA, and I had to go inside and show two forms of ID, get fingerprinted and so on.
On the way out, they had a couple of "homeowner resource" books, so I nabbed a couple of them. They look expensive to print, but they were complimentary. I figured that any little way I can stick it to Wells-Fargo is a good thing.

The booklets are a combination of advertised resources (Landscape and construction companies, etc.) and tips for homeowners looking to fix up their property to sell. It also has a focus on new home buyers.

I thought it was interesting that the new home buyers guide listed some Minneapolis neighborhoods that were "good" neighborhoods. Uptown. Linden Hills. Lake of the Isles. Places where $500,000-and-up homes are the norm. Because you know, we wouldn't want any cultural diverity intruding on our clients.

The Fixing Up Your Home To Sell guide is actually pretty informative, though it's much more oriented toward hiring contractors to do the work instead of DIYers. Things like the two top rooms being the bathroom and the kitchen for return-on-investment, and curb appeal being more important than internal appeal.

They also mentioned hiring a "staging" professional: someone to dress your home to sell, rather than to live in. This person's job is to rearrange or rent furniture and decorations to dress your home like a movie set to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Apparently you're not actually supposed to be living in your house when you're trying to sell it.

It does tend to focus me on particular elements of the house in remodeling priority. The front porch is obvious; that work has to be done by a certain time, or at least the main framing has to be done.

The amusement: while Sasha was having the yard sale, she got a number of queries about whether the house was for sale too.

Apparently a lot of people were figuring they could pick it up cheap.

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