Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yesterday I decided not to go to purplesquirrel's tubing extravaganza because of the getting-over-the-cold thing. Last minute desicion, but also aided by the extreme lateness of when I woke up, which would have made me hard-pressed to get there.

I ended up going over to missmollygrue's for some bocci and indie film goodness, and other than the sweaty nature of stuffing some 30 or more people into one room, it was grand. Made it home by 11:00 or so to feed the hungry pets, then tried to sleep for the first time in something like ten days without the NyQuil/cough med combo.

And sleep I did.

And verily, did I dream.

In the dream, I was a warrior in some sort of futuristic setting. I was being called up for some sort of special recognition, but I didn't know that I was actually being made one of the elite guard, of which there were now three. There was a huge cheer that went up from the assembled troops, and I was overwhelmed.

One of the other elite guard was a woman. Light skinned, dark hair and features, just a hint of asian.

And there was sex.

Oy, was there sex.

There is a line in one of my favorite Firefly episodes where Wash says "Have you ever had sex with a warrior woman?"; it was incredible. Awesome.

I don't have sex dreams, at least not under normal circumstances. This was magnificent, and as detailed as it needed to be. Underwater, flying through the air, every which way but loose.

And I was happy. I had admiration, and a woman who was exceptional, and really really good sex, and I was happy.

And of course, I had to wake up. SO totally unfair, particularly because I woke up something like two hours late. And the analysis part of my brain went into overdrive and churned out a missive that perhaps the things that I desire have to do with respect and admiration, and being in the elite.

Hmmm... ego much?

Not happy with ego. But yeah, the whole respect and admiration thing was way cool, and the sex... I'm not sure why that became so overwhelming, but it became the focus of the dream for a while. It's all the more weird because my sex drive is diminished to the point of nonexistence as of late, which leads me to think that it's more supressed and shoved into the darkness than just diminished. Which means that it could backfire and erupt as inappropriate behavior.

Must be vigilant. And continue to work myself into exhaustion so that I don't have the energy to behave inappropriately.
Tags: dream, ego, navel gazing

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