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I don't know, it just kind of came to me.

I was looking at a link from a woman who is a dance artist, and her show from earlier this year was an erotic-ish piece combined with blood and savagery. It looked awesome, but it struck me that almost all of the erotic artists that I've seen have been women. With rare exceptions, it seems like male erotic artists are much more one-trick ponies, with the exception of some photographers and visual artists.

It might just be me. I tend to think of the female form as much more erotic and sensual than the male form, but really it seems that women have a much broader range of what is erotic than men do, at least in the realm of artistic expression.

Yeah, I know. Vast generalization. But it's a generalization only because it's an emergent pattern, a synthesis based on observation. Read a passage of a sexual encounter written by a woman vs. one written by a man. The woman's passage will have a whole range of experience that encompasses the whole body; the man's will focus on individual body parts and tactile experience. The woman's experience will be conjoining, drawing things together, making connections; the man's experience will be isolatory.

Or maybe it's the physicality of it. A nude woman firedancing can be extremely erotic; a nude man firedancing looks overwhelmingly like he's trying not to roast his weenie.

Maybe I'm being too harsh. I don't know any erotic performance artisits personally, or at least I don't think I do. I'd like to; I find the concept of erotic performance art tremendous (though it doesn't work for everything: erotic dance performance is a natural, but erotic stand-up comedy would make my brain hurt), but I don't know any performance venues for anything erotic other than Ground Zero, and that is confined to a particular flavor.

Maybe the Twin Cities isn't the place for erotic performance. Maybe that old Protestant ethic tells us to supress rather than explore.

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I want to feel eroticized. Maybe I want to be in an atosphere where the sexual energy is raised to a fever pitch, to a point where it's tangible. Maybe I want to be somewhere where I can relax and enjoy the eroticity of a woman without feeling like a pervert.

I'm also making a distinction between erotic and sexual. Erotic is something that raises energy; sexual releases that energy. Erotic energy can be focused and channeled, which is a great secret of actors and other stage performers, learning to channel that energy and focus it. Being backstage during a performance can sometimes get really heady with a mix of adrenaline and erotic energy, and it's a marvelous feeling.

I miss that. I miss eroticism and sensuality and energy. I miss lazy weekend sex. I miss teasing. I miss soft, slow kisses.

I miss joy.
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