Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Holy Zeus on a rubber crutch.

Hello, I was hoping to hear back from you! Well
anyways, hereare the pics!!

My profile is listed inside the site under
"NaughtyNaughty".I decided to post my personal info
(i.e. phone #and my personal email address) inside
this site for 3simple reasons. 1)It's DISCREET 2)I
never haveto worry about being contacted by children
sinceonly adults are allowed within the site and 3)all
thereplies I receive are genuine. Well, I do hope to
hearfrom you...I guess I'll find out just how serious
you really are :)


***The following is a

"If you are offended by adult material or are not
oflegal age to view such material, or if you simply
wouldnot like to hear from any members from this
website,follow this link to be

I just have to think it would be horrible for to be subscribed to some sort of e-mail service that provides offers of various kinds to its members...

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